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Frequently Asked Questions

How many container ships off California?

Billions of dollars in cargo delayed. 93 container ships stuck off the California coast. That’s the reality of the supply chain crisis. But recent photos tell a different story, showing less-congested harbors.

How many ships are off California coast?

Ships waiting off the coast of Southern California number in the dozens, not the thousands. Kip Louttit, executive director of the Marine Exchange of Southern California, told USA TODAY that, as of Sept. 21, there were 153 ships of all types at both the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach.

How many ships are stuck?

According to data from the Marine Exchange, a total of 111 container ships are bobbing at sea around the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, waiting to dock and unload. That breaks the previous record of 108 vessels reported on October 21.

What is the size of a container ship?

A standard container ship is a merchant ship designed to transport a unit load of standard-sized containers 8 feet square and 20 or 40 feet long.

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