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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the typical dimensions of a shipping container?

The standard shipping container dimensions are 7 feet 10 inches high in the interior, which would leave you with 7-foot ceilings after you installed your connections. High cubes are typically preferred for container housing.

What are the dimensions of a ship container?

Shipping Container Width: 40′ Container. The external dimensions are as follows: the width is 8′ 0″ (2.438 m) while the height is 8′ 6″ (2.591 m). The length is 40′ 0″ (equal to 12.192 m).

How much can the largest container ship hold?

Containers ships are cargo ships designed to carry its cargo in intermodal containers, using a technique called "Containerization". Container Ships contributes about 90% of non-bulk cargo transport worldwide. The largest type of container ships (Mega-max) can carry more than 23,500 TEU.

What are the different sizes of shipping containers?

Shipping Container Sizes. The three most common sizes of shipping containers are 20', 40', and 40' high cubes. All containers are standardized at 8' wide, and standard height containers are 8'6” while high cubes are 9'6”.

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