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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do container ships come from in Southern California?

The combined Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach handle over 25% of all container ships coming to the United States. The map below is of Southern California Coastal Waters and shows live the ship traffic in the area. The information and map are priovided by

What are the different types of ships on the map?

You can use the toggles at the top of the map to break down the ships by type — container ships (yellow), dry bulk carriers (blue), oil and fuel tankers (red), gas carriers (green), and ships transporting vehicles (purple) — or zoom in on different regions.

Where do large ships navigate in the world?

You can also see a few of the major river routes where large ships can navigate — like the Amazon River in northern Brazil, or the St. Lawrence River that allows ships to travel from the Atlantic to the Great Lakes, or the complex Volga-Baltic waterway in Russia.

How many ships can go through the Panama Canal at once?

Only a few ships can go through the narrow locks at a time as they are slowly raised and lowered using water from the lake above. So ships anchor outside the canal, sometimes for weeks, while they wait their allotted turn. (All told, about 30 to 40 large ships pass through the canal each day.)

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