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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are there so many cargo ships in the Pacific this winter?

But in a trick of the pandemic tied to both U.S. shopping patterns and Chinese factory schedules, it also put more cargo ships on the water during fall and winter, the stormiest time of year in the Pacific. Some experts say the changes may represent a new normal for trans-Pacific container shipping.

How many containers have been dumped into the Pacific Ocean since October?

It was also only one of at least six spills since October that dumped more than 3,000 cargo containers into the Pacific Ocean along shipping routes between Asia and the United States. They include the loss of 100 containers from the ONE Aquila on Oct. 30 and 750 containers from the Maersk Essen on Jan. 16.

What happened to the container ship in Hawaii?

In remote waters 1,600 miles northwest of Hawai‘i, the container stack lashed to the ship’s deck collapsed, tossing more than 1,800 containers into the sea. Some of those containers carried dangerous goods, including batteries, fireworks and liquid ethanol.

Are container ships bad for the environment?

A rise in container-ship accidents adds to the growing marine plastic pollution problem and poses risks to ocean health, wildlife and mariners. You’re right if you think you’ve been hearing a lot about container ships lately.

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