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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best shipping stocks to buy?

3 Top Shipping Stocks to Buy in 2019 The container king. Triton International ( NYSE:TRTN), a lessor of the large containers carried on ships and trucks, has seen its shares almost double over the past five years, but ... A trucking overhaul. ... An overachiever under fire. ... Look far down the road. ...

Who is investing in shipping containers?

BENEFITS OF INVESTING IN CONTAINERS Rental income payments paid monthly when you purchase 5 containers (Quarterly if you own less than 5) Buy back guarantee, total preservation of capital. Containers have consistently outperformed other asset classes. ... Tax free income. Receive simple, easy to understand statements each month clearly showing your container portfolio performance.

How much can the largest container ship hold?

Containers ships are cargo ships designed to carry its cargo in intermodal containers, using a technique called "Containerization". Container Ships contributes about 90% of non-bulk cargo transport worldwide. The largest type of container ships (Mega-max) can carry more than 23,500 TEU.

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