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Frequently Asked Questions

What twist locks do you offer for container chassis and trailers?

Chassis King offers a large variety of twist locks for for container chassis and flatbed trailers. Check out the different models in this section or click on the 'PARTS LIST' tab above for a complete listing and specs. These twist locks safely attach ISO containers to the container chassis at the corners.

What is a twist lock retractable?

Twist locks retracted. These intermodal container twist locks are the safety locking mechanism which attach ISO containers to the flatbeds at the corners. Models are available as retractable or non-retractable. With the retractable twist lock, the securing head retracts below deck level.

How do I use twist locks with ISO shipping containers?

Fold down the locks for general cargo loads and pop up the twist locks to use with 20ft and 40ft ISO shipping containers. For specs and drawings of each available model, please refer to the 'Flatbed Twist Locks Catalog' above.

Can you use twist locks on a flatbed?

These twist locks are relatively easy to install and may be used on chassis or flatbed. Available as non-retractable models only. Dovetails twist locks can be used to secure containers the deck of a ship or other surfaces you wish the place the container.

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