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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a chassis split fee?

In this case, the trucking company may assess a chassis split fee to cover the costs of bringing the chassis to the container location. When does a chassis split occur? If an ocean port doesn’t have any chassis available, the trucker may travel to a nearby chassis pool first, pick up the chassis, and then proceed to the port from there.

How much does it cost to ship a chassis?

In this scenario, the trucking company may assess a chassis split fee – generally between $50 to $110 – to cover the cost of taking the chassis to the container location. Chassis split fees occur if there is no chassis available at an ocean port or ramp.

What is a chassis pickup/drop-off fee?

When a chassis needs to be picked up or dropped off by a truck at a different location than the pick up/delivery location of the container. This results in a driver needing to go to two separate locations to retrieve both the chassis and the shipment and it incurs a fee.

What is a chassis charge?

A chassis is the specially designed trailer or undercarriage for the transport of shipping containers on a roadway. It is essentially the trailer part of the term, ‘tractor/trailer’. Chassis charges can be a source of confusion for many shippers because until recently, chassis were provided by ocean carriers in the US market.

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