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Frequently Asked Questions

What size chassis do I need for a 40 foot container?

40 Foot Straight Frame Container Chassis. 40 foot straight frame chassis are needed for 40 foot containers without tunnels. Some custom built 40 foot containers are being built without tunnels which makes it impossible for the container to fit a standard 40 foot gooseneck type chassis.

What sizes do chassis come in?

Chassis come in sizes tailored to the containers they carry, with some chassis being “adjustable” for different containers. They are available for daily rentals at our pool locations, and for short or long term lease. 20' Chassis 40' – 45' Extendable Chassis 40' Chassis 53' Domestic Chassis.

How many ISO containers fit in a 40 inch gooseneck chassis?

40'-45' Gooseneck Extendable Chassis Carries one 40 ft. ISO Container or one 45 ft. ISO Container applicable to operation in the United States. 40' Lightweight Gooseneck 4-Axle Chassis Carries one 40' ISO container.

What do you need to know about the common container trailer chassis?

The common container trailer chassis is easy to use and affordable. However, you will need auxiliary equipment such as the overhead cranes for loading and offloading the containers from the chassis.

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