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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of chassis do you use for a 20 foot container?

A selection of chassis built to carry 20 foot cargo containers: flushback container chassis, tandem axle slider chassis, tri-axle sliders, dropdeck & double drop deck chassis and more. Our 20 foot flushback container chassis has a fixed length of 23'6" and is designed for the stevedoring and transportation of one 20 foot ISO container.

What size chassis do I need for a cube container?

This is the chassis to use when you have a 20 foot high cube container or when you need your deck height lower than a standard 20 foot chassis. Our single axle chassis are perfect for a variety of applications, including transporting 20 foot storage containers or gas tube modules, or other light loads.

What size container can a city 49 chassis carry?

20'-40'-45' City 49" Spread 2-Axle Chassis Can carry one 40 ft. container, or one 45 ft. container, or one 20 ft. container and meets all DOT and FMVSS regulations and applicable to operations in the United States. 22' Reverse B–Train Chassis (Lead) Carries one 20 ft ISO Container applicable to operation in Canada.

What is a double drop chassis?

Double-drop chassis configuration carries one 20 foot ISO container in the center well. Perfect for over height shipping containers and for 12 foot high intermodal waste containers. 18 inch center deck height.

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