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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is iContainer&packaging supply?

Container & Packaging Supply is a wholesale packaging distributor with over 1,700 different items stocked strategically across the nation. And with our extensive network of manufacturers, we have access to thousands more.

Why choose container&packaging supply?

Container & Packaging Supply stocks over 2,200 different containers and closures in its fulfillment centers and has access to thousands more through its nationwide network of vendors and manufacturers. Container & Packaging Supply has been providing plastic bottles, plastic jars, glass containers and plastic and metal lids for almost 30 years.

Who is price container?

Operating since 1998, Price Container is a family owned business, and specialized distributor for packaging supplies. We inventory and sell high volumes of our products which enables us to offer our customers the best services at the lowest prices. We have distribution facilities in Northern Utah, Colorado (2020), Washington.

Why work with US for bottle packaging and plastic containers?

Pull up a chair and feast your eyes on a bounty of bottle packaging and plastic container options in bulk quantities and wholesale pricing. When you work with us, there’s no sitting at the kid's table.

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