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Frequently Asked Questions

How to publish Microsoft Store for business applications using SCCM?

Publish Microsoft Store for Business Applications using SCCM 1 Right click on the application, and select Create Application. 2 Select the application, and click Create Application from the ribbon. 3 The site creates a Configuration Manager application containing the Microsoft Store for Business app.

How do I sync between Microsoft Store and Configuration Manager?

The sync between the Microsoft Store and your Configuration Manager setup should automatically occur in its own time, however, you can force this. Launch Configuration Manager console. Go to Administration > Cloud Services > Azure Services. Right click on your defined Store Connector, and select Sync from Microsoft Store for Business.

How to deploy Microsoft Store for business and education in Configuration Manager?

After synchronization, create and deploy the Microsoft Store for Business and Education apps similar to any other Configuration Manager application. In the Software Library workspace of the Configuration Manager console, expand Application Management, then select the License Information for Store Apps node.

How to deploy Microsoft Store apps using configmgr | SCCM?

Once Microsoft Store for Business (MSfB) is integrated with SCCM, you don’t need to create store applications manually. Instead, the apps will get automatically synced from MSfB to ConfigMgr. View these apps in the SCCM admin console, and deploy them like you deploy any other app. Deploy Microsoft Store Apps using ConfigMgr | SCCM

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