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Frequently Asked Questions

How many sponsorship ideas do you have for your next event?

Here are 17 sponsorship ideas for your next event. Stand out with these 17 creative event sponsorship ideas. Networking is one of the top reasons attendees go to conferences and other B2B events, but you might not have the bandwidth to organize after-hours parties.

How can I come up with sponsorship level name ideas?

Here are a few ways to help you come up with some creative sponsorship level name ideas for your virtual events. If your event has a theme, incorporate your sponsorships into that theme.

Why should event planners use Creative Sponsorship ideas?

Using creative ideas will help you to create a perfect sponsorship proposal for trade shows, exhibitions or conferences. Event planners need to step up their game from previous sponsorship success so here are 15 more creative sponsorship ideas to see you through.

How to boost your event sponsorship revenue?

Big ideas to boost your event sponsorship revenue: 1 Invite the company without an ask: This requires some advance thinking but, prior to asking for a sponsorship, invite... 2 Consider an event program or concept that benefits the company: For example, can you host an event that engages... More ...

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