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Frequently Asked Questions

What does conceptualizing mean?

Conceptualizing means coming up with a practical implementation of an idea. It is not enough to simply have the idea. To conceptualize, one must develop an actual mental model of how such an idea might be made manifest. In other words, one might have an idea to build a spacious house.

What is another word for conceptualize?

Synonyms for Conceptualize: n. • visualize mentally, imagine, judge, develop a thought. •conceptualize (noun) gestate, conceptualise, conceive. v. •form a concept (verb) visualize mentally, develop a thought, gestate.

What is an example of conceptualization?

The definition of conceptualization is the process of envisioning an idea. When you brainstorm about a new product and you come up with a brand to bring the new product to the market, this is an example of conceptualization.

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