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Frequently Asked Questions

How is death conceptualized in different cultures?

Abstract. However, cultures vary in how they conceptualize death and what happens when a person dies. In some cultures, death is conceived to involve different conditions, including sleep, illness, and reaching a certain age. In other cultures, death is said to occur only when there is a total cessation of life.

What is the child's concept of death?

• By 9 years of age, the child’s concept of death is very similar to an adult. • Death is not reversible or temporary but only happens to some, or other people. • Death is often thought of as a person or a “ghost” figure. • Child’s concept of death expands to that held in adult life.

Is death an experience in life?

As Ludwig Wittgenstein famously put it, “Death is not an experience in life.” The concept of death is unlike most other concepts. Usually we have an object and the concept of that object. For example, we have a horse and the concept of a horse.

What do you mean by death?

• Death is understood as temporary and reversible. • There is no concept of a personal death; death is something that only happens to other people. • Dead persons or animals are broken and can be fixed, or asleep and can be awakened, or gone and will be back.

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