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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the psychology of anger?

Some researchers consider anger to be largely a cognitive process that indicates how people appraise their worlds, whereas others argue that the experience of anger also involves affective and behavioral components in addition to the cognitive component.

What is the cognitive-behavioral model of anger?

Anger is conceptualized within a broad cognitive-behavioral (CBT) framework emphasizing triggering events; the person's pre-anger state, including temporary conditions and more enduring cognitive and familial/cultural processes; primary and secondary appraisal processes; the anger experience/response (cognitive, emotional,...

What does uncontrolled anger look like?

Uncontrolled anger looks different from person to person. Some people are quietly seething at the world most of the time. Some can’t help but dwell on events that made them mad. Others have quick tempers and may even exhibit aggressive or violent behavior. Uncontrolled anger can be hard to define.

Is anger an emotion or a social construct?

Averill argues that anger is a subjective social construct rather than an objective being. Finally, Lewis 2010 argues that to precisely define anger as an emotion, it is important to clearly differentiate it from other emotions. Averill, James R. 1993. Illusions of anger.

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