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Frequently Asked Questions

What is iOS technology?

iOS Technology. iOS is a mobile operating system developed and distributed by Apple Inc. that runs on iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch devices. The operating system manages the device hardware and provides the technologies required to implement native apps.

What is iOS design?

iOS Design Kit contains the most sought after iOS components , organized into intuitive design system based on Nested Symbols and Overrides. You can use these components to customize templates or create new interfaces just from scratch. Components and templates are named, sorted, and combined into Sketch files.

What is concept app?

Everything is designed. Our houses and hospitals, mobile phones and websites, our video games and jetpacks… all of our ideas start as Concepts that grow over time. Concepts (the app) is an advanced version of sketching paper, where natural tools meet vector manipulation so ideas can change and grow as you do.

What are the Cisco IOS modes?

Cisco IOS’s two primary modes are user exec mode and privileged exec mode along with configuration modes such as global configuration mode, interface configuration mode, and line configuration mode with distinctive prompts. Each mode has specific commands to perform specific tasks.

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