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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the uses of concrete?

Uses of Concrete in Construction. Concrete is able to accommodate steel reinforcements and gates, tunnel liners, rubber waterstops, electrical controls and wiring, plastic joint-filling compounds to keep water out, valves, siphons, power generators and various instruments.

What is a concrete strategy?

Concrete Strategies is a leading edge, full-service, design-build and general contracting firm. The firm has an unparalleled track record in architectural site cast concrete, structural concrete, flatwork, site utilities and all types of self-perform concrete construction for commercial projects.

What is concrete approach?

Concrete Approach. A concrete approach is, first and foremost, not relying on platitudes. Here and there we have people claiming a two bishop advantage, all rook endgames being drawn, a bishop better than a knight in an open position and so on without even carefully assessing what’s happening on the board.

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