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Frequently Asked Questions

What if my PM3 firmware is older than the Concept2 utility?

NOTE: If you have very old firmware (PM3 Firmware Version 82 or lower) and have trouble updating to the current version using the Concept2 Utility, please try using Firmware Version 101 file (download here) instead (available for PCs only). Once on Version 101, you can then use the Concept2 Utility for future updates.

How do I update the firmware of my Concept2 Performance Monitor?

On your computer, connect to the internet and then launch the Concept2 Utility. Connect your Performance Monitor to your computer with the USB cable. Wait until you see ‘CONNECTED’ in the green box on the Concept2 Utility. Click Update Firmware.

How do I check the firmware version of my PM3?

The firmware and hardware version will be listed as the top two (2) lines on the Product ID screen. The current firmware version that applies to your PM3 depends on the age of the monitor. The PM3 timeline has more information.

How do I update the firmware in my performance monitor?

To update the firmware in your Performance Monitor, you need: a computer, the free Concept2 Utility software (download links are to the right) and a USB cable. Once downloaded and installed, the Concept2 Utility will guide you through the necessary steps to update the firmware on your Performance Monitor.

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