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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the concept 2 and Concept 2 Model E?

The differences are enormous and worth it. The only competition for the Model D is the Model E. The Concept 2 Model E costs $200 more, but it sits much higher (to get on and off easier, especially for those with mobility issues), has a sturdier base, and features double-powder-coated metal surfaces for extra durability.

Is the Concept2 Model E a good rower?

Concept2 Model E Rower Review 1 Quick Take. The Concept2 Model E rower is one of two top-ranked rowers from the brand, known for their solid construction and great overall quality. 2 Positives: Here are some features that make the Model E rower enticing. ... 3 Our Conclusion. The Concept2 Model E is a strong choice for shared workout rooms. ...

Is the concept 2 Model D Worth the money?

The Concept 2 Model D is a Tesla among Yugos when it comes to air-resistance rowers. Everything from the manuals to the box it came in screams quality. You are getting your money's worth, and that feels good in this day and age. + Cardiovascular and whole-body workout. + Assembly is a breeze, and tools for assembly are included.

Where are Concept2 products made?

For over forty years, Concept2 has been designing and manufacturing innovative, high-quality products out of Morrisville, Vermont. Included with your Purchase: Performance Monitor 5 computer, Model D User Manual, Performance Monitor Quick Start Guide, tools and illustrated assembly instructions.

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