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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Concept2 integrate with Garmin Connect?

We've added Garmin Connect to our list of integrations. This means that if you upload your workouts to the logbook via the Concept2 ErgData app (or any other app that captures rowing stroke data), you can now set it up so that your workouts go from the logbook directly into Garmin Connect.

How do I create an online logbook in Concept2?

1 Create an Online Logbook at Concept2. 2 Connect your logbook with Garmin and/or Strava. 3 Install the ErgData app on your phone. 4 Log in to your online logbook in the ErgData app.

Does the activeconcept 2 logbook sync to Garmin Connect automatically?

Concept 2 Logbook can now sync to Garmin Connect automatically. But workouts stored on the flash drive are summary only. If you want per stroke data you'll need to have a smartphone connected to the PM5…

How do I Send my logbook workouts to Garmin Connect?

In the Concept2 Online Logbook, you can send logbook workouts over to Garmin Connect by connecting your accounts. This option is located under your Concept2 Logbook profile under Applications. We recommend using ErgData on a smartphone to capture your workout data. ErgData will provide rich data that can be shared across platforms.

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