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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Concept2 online logbook?

This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Learn more Got it! The Concept2 Online Logbook allows you to record your workouts on the Concept2 indoor rower, SkiErg and BikeErg.

What is the Concept2 utility?

The Concept2 Utility is free software from Concept2 that allows you to manage the workout data on your USB LogBook. With the Concept2 Utility you can backup your workout data, chart your progress or analyze your historical performance. You can also upload your workout data to your Online Logbook.

Does the Concept2 work with the stand-alone app?

This stand-alone app works well with the Concept2 by giving you different indoor rowing techniques and information on form, keeping you completely upright and burning the most amount of calories at any given time while you’re rowing.

What is the Garmin Connect IQ app for Concept2?

This app is specifically designed to help you connect your Garmin Connect IQ to your Concept2. Garmin is known for having some of the best data watches out there, tracking information from your mileage to heart rate and then some. It’s a safe bet to assume they know how to collect proper data.

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