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What is the difference between osomosis and diffusion?

differences: the differences between osmosis and diffusion it that diffusion refers to the movement of any chemical from one place to another, whereas osmosis exclusively refers to the movement of water across a membrane. also diffusion is the movement of molecules (solute or particles). osmosis is the movement of water molecules. similarities.

What are some similarities and differences between osmosis and diffusion?

Diffusion is not dependent upon water for flow of molecules, while osmosis takes place only in water. One similarity between osmosis and diffusion is that they are both passive in nature and no external force is required for the flow of molecules from one place to another.

How do you compare and contrast osmosis and diffusion?

Compare and contrast osmosis and diffusion. Osmosis is a special type of diffusion, where the movement of solvent molecules from low concentration of solution to higher takes place, when they are separated by semipermeable membrane. Diffusion is the net downward movement of a given substance (ions, atoms or molecules,...

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