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Frequently Asked Questions

What is brainstorming and mind mapping?

Brainstorming is a way to expand your thinking on a topic. Mind mapping then helps you to organise your ideas and consider the relationships between them. These techniques may assist you to: There are two stages in the process: a free thinking stage and an organising stage – these should not be done together.

What is the best way to brainstorm?

One effective form of brainstorming is mind mapping. A mind map is a visual representation of your ideas, consisting of words, images and colours, and can help you to: identify relationships between ideas/concepts. You can create a mind map on paper, whiteboard or digitally, using visual mapping software such as FreeMind. To begin:

What is the purpose of a brainstorm session?

The purpose of the session is to obtain as many ideas as possible for later analysis. Therefore, people should build on the ideas suggested by other participants. The creative potential of mind mapping (also known as Concept Mapping) is particularly useful for brainstorming.

What is a concept map and how do you make one?

Concept maps are a learning and teaching technique that is used to identify the relationships between ideas or concepts. They help properly structure thoughts that are thrown around in a brainstorming session in a way that is easier to understand. Identify the topic you are going to brainstorm around

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