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Frequently Asked Questions

How to develop an architectural design concept?

Developing an Architectural Design Concept. Every architecture project should start with a concept that put simply; is an idea that provides the foundation and backbone to your design process and decision making.

What is conceptual architecture?

Conceptual architecture is sometimes never built, but rather designed as a form of thought provocation, exploration of ideas. A formal approach to design looks at drawing on the formal language of architecture to develop a concept. We look to architecture from the classical period to inform our approach to developing the formal rules of our design.

What are the different approaches to contextual architectural concepts?

There are a number of approaches to the contextual architectural concepts. A conceptual approach to a design is looking at the idea of conceptual architecture. This suggests that every part of the project is about the concept. The sole focus of the design is about the idea, rather than a combination of approaches and processes.

What is a concept in design?

It is foremost for laying out the framework for the process of design. A concept can be a singular idea or it can be addressed in a series of conceptual scenarios. It could be based on materiality, culture, illusion, or the mere understanding of the design values needed to drive the project forward.

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