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Frequently Asked Questions

What are examples of design concepts?

Concept Design is about forming, modeling, shaping a new idea, approach, abstraction of an implementation. Examples of concepts in this context are: eHealth, customer self-service, 360 client view, robotics and 3d printing.

What is the conceptual design process?

Conceptual Design is an early phase of the design process, in which the broad outlines of function and form of something are articulated. It includes the design of interactions, experiences, processes and strategies.

What is the concept of design?

A design concept is the idea behind a design. It’s how you plan on solving the design problem in front of you. It’s the underlying logic, thinking, and reasoning for how you’ll design a website. Your concept will lead to your choices in color and type.

What is concept design in engineering?

Concept Design Engineering. Concept Design is the process of taking a napkin sketch, applying creativity and developing a product. This process includes brain-storming, concept sketching, 3D style renderings, 3D CAD creation, Design for Prototyping, Design for Manufacturability, Product Animations, Virtual (Computer-Generated) Renderings,...

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