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Frequently Asked Questions

What is concept of definition map?

Concept of Definition Map. Definition/Description: A type of diagram or graphic organizer which shows various relationships between concepts. Concept mapping provides students with the opportunity to organize conceptual information in the process of defining a word. "Studies suggest that an effective way to build conceptual understanding is ...

What information do students use to complete the concept map?

They may use information from their reading passage, the glossary or dictionary, and their own background knowledge to complete their concept map. Students use the information in the maps to write a complete definition of the concept.

How can maps be used in teaching and learning?

Since concept of definition maps are using vocabulary to help depend student understanding it can be used in any content area, for any topic, and related to any curriculum. Reading- Students can create a map on the main idea of the story, a certain character, the plot, etc.

How do you make a concept map?

Use a familiar concept (such as horse) and elicit the relevant information for the map from the students. Write the information in the appropriate boxes in the model. Repeat with a different, familiar concept from the text. 5. Present another familiar concept from the text. Provide guided practice as the students develop the concept map.

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