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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose concept pro CCTV?

Launched in 1998 and renowned across the industry for its quality, the Concept Pro brand encompasses all areas of CCTV. Continually evolving and manufactured to our specific design, each Concept Pro product specifications is influenced by feedback and input from our customers.

Why choose conconcept Advanced Technology Ltd?

Concept Advanced Technology Ltd have been providing integrated electronic security systems for demanding security applications since 1996. We provide a number of security solutions including video surveillance, access control, intruder detection alarms and PSIM integration.

How do CCTV cameras work?

At first, a CCTV camera has characteristics similar to any traditional camera you know (like the camera on your cell phone) because it has a lens that directs light to an internal image sensor, but the similarities end there because in an analog camera there is no internal SD card for recording.

Why choose conconcept fire & security?

Concept Fire & Security have had many successful years working in the Security Solutions Industry, with proven experience in installing the most appropriate Security Systems and making sure they work! We’re also completely independent, meaning, when it comes to recommending equipment we are not pressured into pushing one product over another.

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