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Frequently Asked Questions

What is concept art gallery?

Established in Pittsburgh in 1972, Concept Art Gallery is a hybrid auction house and retail art gallery.

What is conconcept Gallery?

Concept Gallery also focuses on contemporary painting and historic and industrial images of Pittsburgh, including the work of George Hetzel, Roy Hilton, Aaron Gorson, Samuel Rosenberg, and Henry Koerner.

What kind of art does conconcept’s Inventory contain?

Concept’s inventory carries contemporary graphics by artists including Wolf Kahn, Glenn Ligon, Carol Summers, Joan Mitchell, Sam Francis, Walasse Ting, Alex Katz, Ray Parker, Gordon Mortensen and many others.

What does the Pittsburgh Art Auction House do?

The auction house conducts regular live auctions of interesting and valuable property, with specialties in Modern and Contemporary Art and Design, Antiques, Fine Art, Jewelry, Books, as well as art relating to Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania.

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