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Frequently Asked Questions

What are airline logos?

Simply put, airline logos are visual representations of what your business is all about. The logo you choose will become synonymous with your brand, so it pays to choose wisely. BrandCrowd offers access to a library packed with airline logos created by professional designers from around the world.

What is the meaning behind the Egypt Air logo?

EgyptAir EgyptAir’s logo is inspired by the ancient Egyptian mythology, from which it draws the image of Horus, or rather his head. Usually depicted as a man’s body with a falcon’s head, Horus was known as the god of sun, or “Sky god”, so it makes sense that he’s part of an airline logo.

What is the new American Airlines logo?

10. American Airlines The new American Airlines logo was revealed in January 2013 and designed by FutureBrand. It’s an abstraction of a flying eagle in traditional American colors – red, blue and white. The logo was dubbed the “Flight Symbol”, and it supposedly incorporates the elements from previous versions: an eagle, a star and the letter “A”.

What is Lufthansa’s new logo?

The original logo of Lufthansa airlines that was adopted back in 1954 was redesigned in 2018. The new logo, although it looks identical to the old one, has been reworked to give it a new, modern quality to sharpen their impact on the industry. The airline’s iconic ‘flying crane’ symbol and the text itself was made slimmer to fit the digital age.

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