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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the concept Lite Air Rifle?

The Concept Lite is positioned as a ‘modular gun platform” – that’s a concept that started with assault rifles, and has now spread to airguns. Brocock claims that this is the most solid platform available for building a true tactical, firearm-grade air rifle system. Below.

Is the Brocock concept Lite a good air rifle?

Introducing the Concept Lite From Brocock, a light-weight yet sturdy tactical precharged pneumatic air rifle that will impress the most critical of shooters. The Concept Lite features floating hammer system paired with a Huma regulator for more shots and consistency in velocity between shots.

What is a concept XR rifle?

The Concept XR’s forerunner, the Concept Lite was a light, compact, tactical-style bolt action rifle. In 2019 the company adopted a sidelever platform across its entire range, giving its rifle an ‘XR’ label to distinguish them from earlier models. Today the rifle is available in .177 and .22, as well as .25 in high powered versions.

What makes an air rifle so special?

The air rifle features a hardwood Monte Carlo stock with a checkered forearm and grip for proper handling. It has two levels of power – the low and the high power, determined by whether you cock to the first or second bolt stop. And with a rifled barrel, you can be sure of the most accurate of shots.

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