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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best rowing machine?

Air rowers are probably the most popular type of indoor rowing machine and come in many different sizes and styles. They create resistance through the use of a flywheel which spins when you row. The flywheel has small fins attached which create resistance when the wheel spins.

How to store a concept 2 rower?

When storing the indoor rower for longer periods of time, we recommend a clean, dry location. Indoor rowers should not be stored outside in the elements, even with the Concept2 dust cover. Oil the chain using purified mineral oil, 3-IN-ONE oil, or 20W motor oil (this should also be performed as regular maintenance).

What is a folding rowing machine?

A folding rowing machine is a piece of home fitness equipment that allows a person to receive a full-body workout and is designed to fold up into a smaller shape for easier storage in a person's home. The design of a rowing machine is based on the movements used by a person sculling a boat through the water.

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