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Frequently Asked Questions

How many batteries are in the pm2/pm2+ Performance Monitor?

This is the battery door for the PM2/PM2+ Performance Monitor. The battery compartment houses two AA batteries. See more info. This is the case back for the PM2 Performance Monitor.

How do I know if my PM4 is using the rechargeable battery?

If you are using D cell batteries, the amount of power left will be displayed as a percentage. If you are using the rechargeable battery, the capacity will be shown as “Low,” “Very Full” and so on. Recharge the rechargeable battery by connecting the PM4 to a computer using a USB cable.

How long do PM3 batteries last?

Just use decent D cells like Duracel or Energizer and they last for years anyway. The standby current on any PM3 or PM4 made after 2008 is so low its just not funny so you should get 2 years out of a set of batteries. Do not use cheap batteries, its a false economy when they leak acid and destroy your monitor.

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