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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the actors on TV commercials?

Actors James Earl Jones and Malcolm McDowell star in the series of Sprint commercials in which the two take turns reciting conversations from social media.

Why are TV commercials all on at the same time?

Every program has the same amount of commercials. So they probably schedule them as to evenly space them throughout the show and writers are trained to have a natural break in the show at a certain time so it is for that reason shows have commercials at the same time.

Are commercials Louder Than TV?

Why the ads seem louder. Commercials really aren't louder than programs. Because of limits imposed on TV signals, an ad can't be louder than the loudest part of the show with it. But going from, for example, a drama with hushed dialogue to a shouted commercial pitch introduces what is called "perceived loudness.".

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