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Frequently Asked Questions

What does commercial video services do?

Commercial Video Services, Inc. Providing quality video services since 1988. Production services include full-service HD live or recorded video production - up to 4K UHD resolution. We can professionally live stream from anywhere that has cell service using our bonded cellular streaming device.

What are the different types of commercial displays?

Commercial displays can have one or several of the following features: 4K HDR, UHD, and touch-screen monitors offer clear detail, so they work well with digital signage players. Examples of uses for digital signage players are menus, schedules, and business information.

What are digital advertising screens?

Digital advertising screens feature third-party ads, brand messaging, product info, menus, and schedules. This eliminates the need to pay for traditional poster printing, reducing marketing costs in the long term. These digital advertising screens come in several different packages to suit different businesses.

What is an outdoor advertising screen?

Outdoor advertising screens safely bring your video promotions and entertainment outside. This weatherproof electronic signage includes all-weather monitors and wall mounting hardware that are designed for exterior applications near exterior bars, pools, and patio seating areas.

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