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Frequently Asked Questions

Is commercial carpet the same as indoor/outdoor carpet?

While indoor/outdoor carpet (also known as marine-backed carpet) looks similar to commercial carpet, there are actually some pretty key differences. Both indoor/outdoor carpet and commercial carpet have low profiles, tight loops and a somewhat coarse texture which allows it to stand up to wear-and-tear and gives it high durability. The whole purpose of commercial carpet is to stand up to heavy foot traffic.

What is a commercial carpet?

Commercial Carpet. Coming in a variety of cuts and lengths, our carpets are first quality designed to be used in commercial settings with mid, to high traffic needs. They provide the right coverings for floors of any shape and space. Whatever your commercial carpeting needs are, Best Carpet Value has options to suit.

What is a commercial grade carpet?

Commercial-Grade Broadloom Carpet. Broadloom Carpet is a traditional “wall-to-wall” roll carpet great for carpeting larger areas, since one continuous piece of carpet may cover the floor with fewer seams.

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