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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top rated carpet cleaners?

The Bissell ProHeat 2X LiftOff 15651 is the top pick after testing at Consumer Reports, and the only Recommended carpet cleaner there. It earns a score of Excellent for drying carpets, Very Good for cleaning and convenience, and Fair for noise.

What is the best carpet cleaner on the market?

The Hoover AH30035 detergent may prove to be the best carpet cleaner solution on the market because of its ability to work on both carpeting and upholstery. This cleaner can be purchased in either a 50 or 150-ounce bottle, depending on how often you need to deep clean and how big the average job is.

How do you clean carpet cleaner?

Vacuum the carpet. Dampen a cloth with the cleaner or stain remover you want to use. Lay the cloth on the carpet for an hour, and then blot the damp area with a dry white cloth. If the cloth is stained with carpet dyes, test other carpet cleaning products until you find one that does not make the carpet sample bleed.

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