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Frequently Asked Questions

How to clean a carpet with a commercial carpet cleaner?

Cleaning a carpet with a commercial carpet cleaner is not an automated action, yet. So, you must shampoo, preheat, soak, deep vacuum the carpet before the final deep cleaning process. You can check our best commercial vacuum cleaner article if you don’t have one already.

Why hire a professional carpet cleaning service near me?

A professional carpet cleaning service has the knowledge and equipment it takes to remove set-in stains, reduce allergens and mold, and even help increase indoor air quality. While most professionals can get the job done, it can be beneficial to hire a carpet cleaning service near you because:

What size carpet cleaner do I need for my business?

And, of course, there is the option of you opening a commercial carpet cleaner rental service and renting out your commercial carpet cleaner to people for their cleaning needs. In this case, the best logic would be to get a medium-sized carpet cleaner, but with all the necessary accessories that go with it.

Which is the best commercial carpet cleaner for pets?

In this field, we would say that Bissell has the most to offer, with the pet smell and pet stain solutions. Regarding the topic of pets, any commercial carpet cleaner with deep clean is a great choice. Animals, in general, do not leave harsh stains behind them.

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