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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do commercials have music?

The music is what mainly made you feel a specific emotion . This is true in advertising as well. Incorporating music can deliver an emotional connection with consumers, and has the ability to create a relationship with the brand. Music is important in advertising, but selecting the right music is even more important.

What is the meaning of commercial music?

Commercial music is the music that deals with money. It might be music that has the potential to generate revenue like albums or it might be the music that is featured on ADs,Jingles,etc or music done for films, games, documentaries, etc. So basically music that generates revenue is called commercial music...

What is a commercial song?

The song featured in the commercial is called Don't Stop (Color On The Walls) and is by Foster The People. The band has been getting a lot of attention recently thanks to their song Pumped Up Kicks off of their album Torches which was released earlier this year.

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