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Frequently Asked Questions

Should ads be analyzed in terms of gender?

When analyzing an ad in terms of gender, it is certainly important to identify the ad’s intended audience. It is equally important to consider the ad’s publishing context. As definitions of femininity have evolved, commercials trying to sell products to women have changed—and the same goes for commercials advertising products for men.

How does advertising reflect gender stereotypes?

Compared with the advertisements of women’s products, it shows a disparity from marketing women’s products because the woman model in the advertisement plays a role to persuade male consumers to purchase their products. Another advertisement that reflects the gender stereotype problems is an advertisement on cleaning product.

Why are women accompanied with men in most commercial advertisements?

Even if the products are targeting on men only. women are accompanied with men in the advertisements. Overall, those commercial advertisements are trying to portray certain groups based on what products they are selling and what messages they are delivering to the consumers to make advertisements more appeal to the public.

Are women more negative about ads with attractive models?

It is found that women, but not men, were more negative toward an ad featuring an attractive opposite-sex model when their commitment thoughts were heightened. Women were also more negative toward an ad with an attractive same-sex model in the presence of commitment thoughts, but only when they scored high on sociosexuality.

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