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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Comcast a bad company?

No, Comcast is not a "bad" company, they are doing what is the charter for any corporation, make a profit. A company does not exist to be "good.". Especially a public company. They exist to make money for the stockholders.

Can I get Comcast Business Class at home?

Yes, you can have both Residential and Business Internet service at your home address. Many Comcast customers do take advantage of this because they either have home business or are teleworker, meaning their company provide them business Internet and/or Telephone services to facilitate them working at home.

Does Comcast Business provide both wired?

Comcast High-Speed 2go now gives consumers the best of both worlds, the fastest fast at home and on the go. In today's world, consumers don't want to be disconnected for even a minute and now Comcast provides wired and wireless access - a combination consumers won't want to live without."

How fast is Comcast Business Class Internet services?

With download speeds up to 16 Mbps and upload speeds up to 2 Mbps, Comcast Business Class gives customers an ultra-fast broadband connection that's more than ten times faster than standard 1.5 Mbps DSL and the phone companies T-1 lines.

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