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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you login to Comcast router?

How to Login to Comcast Xfinity Router. You can get the Xfinity IP address by following the steps mentioned below. Step 1: Press the Windows key on your keyboard while holding the button “R” at the same time. Step 2: Type in “cmd” without the quotes and then press Enter key to bring up the Command Prompt window.

What is the default gateway for Comcast?

Gateway IP: This is a static IP address, in addition to the number of ordered IPs, which is assigned to the Comcast modem (IP Gateway). By default, it is the last IP in the range loaded on the Comcast Gateway.

What is the default login for Comcast modem?

Log into the modem. Default IP address is usually with comcast, login is cusadmin password highspeed. If you have a router or wireless access point between the modem and your machine you may need to connect direct to it.

What is the default password for Comcast routers?

The default password on many of the router's provided by Comcast is "password", but if it has been changed, you have to use whatever you changed it to. If you have forgotten it or someone else changed the password, then the only way to restore access is to reset the device to factory defaults.

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