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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Pez World candy code app?

To help increase sales of their candy refill packs whilst engaging their audience on mobile we created an app where users are invited to help restore ‘PEZ World’ to its former glory by finding Candy Codes that appear on PEZ refill pack inlays.

What is the Pez Play app?

PEZ Play: the app for even more fun and games with PEZ. Explore the colourful world of PEZ with the PEZ Play app! Play mini games, take funny photos and make your friends laugh by sharing your photos on social media. The free app is available to download form all app stores.

How do you unlock games on Pez fruit mix?

Collect the candy codes in packs of PEZ Fruit Mix and scan them with the app. New games are unlocked by scanning a PEZ candy code or achieving a certain score in one of the games. Gain access to another game by scanning another candy code or achieving a certain score in the game and thus collecting 3 stars in the high score.

How many mini games are available on Pez?

Go in search of treasure, surf across the ocean or glide through the air – 19 mini games are currently available. You can also take funny photos of you and the little PEZ men and share them with your friends. How does it work?

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