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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the best books on cinematography?

One of the first books on cinematography to be written by a cinematographer, "Painting with Light" by John Alton is a must-read. Alton worked decades ago in the studio system so the techniques might be old-fashioned but the man shot over 100 movies!

What are the different elements of Cinematography?

ELEMENTS OF Cinematography. Definition of Cinematography: The art or technique of moving photography, including both the shooting and development of the film.  Camera: In film making multiple cameras (multiple camera positions of a single camera) are often used.

What does a cinematographer do for a living?

After working as a gaffer, be became a cinematographer doing primarily commercials and music videos. After completing his first feature film, he moved to Los Angeles where he has been Director of Photography on 14 feature films as well as national commercials, promotional films, industrials, music videos and documentaries.

Is there a book on cinematography in brewing?

It’s only if a book on cinematography has all three ingredients that it deserves a place here. Remember, cinematography is not ‘which camera to buy’. It is the art of brewing aesthetics, composition, movement, exposure and lighting. You better ensure your brew is tasty.

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