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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to the Metro Theater?

This underrated theater closed in January 2003, shortly after the Olympia met the reaper, but reopened only a couple months later. The Metro was once more closed by Clearview in August 2004. Contributed by Cinema Treasures

When did the Metro Theatre in Times Square reopen?

Nov 22, 2004 — Metro Theatre Set To Reopen! Opening as the Midtown Theater, this classic theater, located almost 60 blocks north of Times Square, survived several tumultuous years. Beginning as a first run single screen theater, the Midtown Theater, was taken over by New York Cinemas and was twinned and renamed the Metro Twin from August 29, 1986.

How old is the Metro Theater in Manhattan?

If one discounts for occassional short-term closings which generally mark the history of old cinemas, the Metro is the 2nd-longest operating movie theatre in Manhattan, exceeded in age only by the New Coliseum, which opened 13 years earlier.

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