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Where are Alabama's buried treasures?

Buried treasure in Alabama may be located in ghost towns. My Special Bundle Package of digital books and the links to my TV series is loaded with information that will guide you toward treasures large and small. Here are more Alabama treasures.

Where is the Alhambra Theatre?

A theatre not insignificant to the lineage of exhibition is the Alhambra in Milwaukee, which is discussed in some detail on pages 19-21, but neither it, the location, nor its proprietor, Herman Fehr (identified as "Howard Fehr," at first, but later corrected to "Herman" on page 33) are mentioned anywhere in their 138-line Index.

Is there a treasure on the Perdido River?

Henry Nunez was the operator of a ferry during the Civil War, on the Perdido River. Supposedly, Nunez buried a treasure of approximately $200,000 somewhere near a point where route 90 crosses the river. The treasure may be buried near what used to be his house on the Alabama side of the river. Near Athens there may be a Confederate treasure.

Is there a Confederate treasure near Athens GA?

Near Athens there may be a Confederate treasure. Apparently in 1865, $100,000 of gold and silver was put into two large metal boxes by Confederate troops, and then thrown into the swamp. The troops were trying to keep the gold and silver away from Union soldiers.

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