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What does it mean to Chump something up?

to give up possession or occupancy of. to speak or write in favor of; support or urge by argument; recommend publicly. to pronounce or decree by judicial sentence. Iss it chumping up und schlogging an officer on der head mitout notice? I guess I'll turn in and get to sleep before those fool engines start chump- chumping under my pillow.

What is the meaning of chipping away?

) n. 1. A small broken or cut off piece, as of wood, stone, or glass. 2. A crack or flaw caused by the removal of a small piece. 3. a. A small disk or... Chipping away at - definition of chipping away at by The Free Dictionary

What is a chump of wood?

The literal sense of chump meaning ‘a broad, thick block of wood’ led in the mid 19th century to its humorous use to mean ‘head’, with the implication of ‘blockhead’.

Why is it called “champing”?

“Champing” has its roots in the word “champion” and contrary to the meaning it derives from the biting of the metal strap placed on racehorses, when they are placed in their booths ready the pistol to be fired and the race to begin.

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