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Frequently Asked Questions

How to make bobbob chorba?

Bob chorba (or bob chorpa) is a hearty and comforting traditional Bulgarian bean soup that is delicately flavored with spearmint. Rinse the beans in cold running water. Place them in a large pot and soak them in cold water overnight. The following morning, discard the soaking water. Add 3 cups (750ml) of water to the beans in the pot.

What is a bob chorba monastery recipe?

The bob chorba monastery recipe is a simpler recipe that uses beans simmered in tomato and onion flavored with oregano.

What is chorba soup?

Chorba is a soup, much like minestrone, but has lots of flavors. It is tomato based with chickpeas and spices. Some variations use vermicelli instead of chickpeas.

What is a Moroccan chorba?

The word chorba comes from the word shrob in Arabic, which literally means drink. This would explain why - as opposed to its friend harira - a chorba is very watery and clear. Every Moroccan family has their own chorba recipes, some include meat or fish as well as various types of root vegetables and pulses.

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