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Frequently Asked Questions

What is basic chemistry test?

Doctors order basic blood chemistry tests to assess many conditions and learn how the body’s organs are working. Often, blood tests check electrolytes, the minerals that help keep the body's fluid levels in balance and which are necessary to help the muscles, heart, and other organs work properly.

What is chemical testing?

Chemical Test. Definition - What does Chemical Test mean? A chemical test is a scientific medical examination of bodily fluids for the purpose of establishing the existence of illegal substances in or the blood alcohol content of an individual. A chemical test can be performed through the examination of blood, urine, or in some cases, the breath.

What are the most common laboratory tests?

Some common types of blood lab tests include complete blood count, blood chemistry tests, blood enzyme tests and blood tests to assess heart disease risks. Blood tests help in disease determination, prevention and treatment, notes Life Extension. The Complete Blood Count test, or CBC, is among the most common blood tests in a laboratory.

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