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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a chem 10 the same as BMP?

Chem 7=BMP and Chem 20=CMP. The old names haven't been used in quite a number of years. I was told in school that the names changed because of changes in Medicare billing/coding. For instance, it is necessary to have the appropriate diagnosis code to justify ordering CMPs every 12 hours when you should really just be ordering a K+ and a Mg.

Is Chem 101 Easy?

We do have a lot of data that shows that people who take Chem 101 are prepared for 102 next semester, and 95% of people who take Chem 101 pass. But again, it's designed to be preparation for 102 and 102 isn't easy. An easier gen ed class with less work for people not intending STEM majors would be Chem 108 (Chemistry of Everyday Phenomena).

Do you fast for CMP?

You may need to fast before your blood draw for a CMP. This means that you don’t eat any food and don’t have anything to drink besides water. In most cases, you will fast for 10-12 hours before the test, but you should follow any specific instructions provided by your doctor’s office.

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