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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a suffix in chemistry?

1. (Science: chemistry, suffix) a suffix, indicating that those substances of whose names it is a part are basic, and alkaloidal in their nature. All organic bases, and basic substances (especially nitrogenous substances), are systematically written with the termination -ine; as, quinine, morphine, guanidine, etc.

What does the suffix -ate mean in chemistry?

-ate 1 suffix meaning 'acted upon or being in a (specified) state': degenerate, enucleate. 2 suffix meaning 'possessing': caudate, longipedate. 3 suffix meaning a 'chemical compound derived from a (specified) source': silicate, opiate. 4 suffix meaning an 'acid compound': oxalate, phosphate.

What does the prefix per mean in chemistry?

per-. 1. Prefix meaning through; denoting intensity. 2. chemistry More or most, with respect to the amount of a given element or radical contained in a compound; the degree of substitution for hydrogen, as in peroxides, peroxy acids (e.g., hydrogen peroxide, peroxyformic acid).

What does the suffix IDE mean in chemistry?

-ide in Science. A suffix used to form the names of various chemical compounds, especially the second part of the name of a compound that has two members (such as sodium chloride) or the name of a general type of compound (such as polysaccharide).

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